so this is my 2014 easter follow forever. sorry if i forgot anyone and sorry for the crappy edit wowow

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i was watching much music last night and they mentioned how taylor went to the fan’s bridal shower and then they proceeded to say “okay guys so it’s time to stop hating taylor swift because of her awkward dancing, her break up songs, her surprised face, or her ex boyfriends because she is NICER THAN YOU” and now, i finally have faith in our future 


taylor swift is gonna be one of those wannabe cool moms and text her kids like “Made cookies. LOL! Come downstairs if U want sum…. [78 emojis]”

Happy Easter!

in dreams, i meet you in warm conversation...

Out and about in New York City on April 17th, 2014

I think that love is something that you have to just let sneak up on you. It’s not something you can be constantly anticipating.


my favorite blogs are bolded
my friends are italicized

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if you aren’t in this and feel like you should be (or if you consider us friends and i didn’t italicize you) feel free to tell me

- Katy xoxo

  1. Augustus:so your name is four
  2. Tobias:yeah
  3. Augustus:you could say it's a metafour
  4. Tobias:will you stop


I guess it’s follow forever season idk but I just kind of wanted to make a follow forever, okay so here are some of my favorite blogs. If I forgot anyone I’m really sorry!  Also here is my blogroll because everyone I follow is pretty fabulous.

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M-P:  mosaicbrokenhearts  neverevers  newmaserati  ofbeinghonests  palegingerbabies  paralyzedbyit  probablymindlessdreaming

Q-T:  sawalightinyou  shouldvessaidno  tayorswift  teylurs  thelaststime  thisfightisworthwhile  thoserudeinterruptions  thugsweezy  timeerasingyou  totallyswifted  tsweezys  

U-Z:  wealmostbrokeup  wednesdayincafes  weheartswifties  whispersonthestreet  wonderstay  youareworldsaway  youkeepmyoldscarf


It’s funny how artistic we become when our hearts are broken.